Purchase of games

steam - Dominating distribution platform for computer games. Purchased games can be returned within 2 weeks if they have not been played for more than 2 weeks. Your own game library can be shared with up to 5 people, so that they can also use the games, but not at the same time. Frequent discount campaigns. If games that have been added to the wish list are reduced, information will be sent by e-mail. Furthermore, Steam often provides instructions/guides, discussions and modifications to the games.

steamprices - Here you can view the price history of all games available on Steam, so that you can better estimate current offers and the expected amount of future discounts.

gog - The games purchased on Steam are usually DRM-free, so there is no online activation requirement. Nevertheless, if the game is passed on to a third party, the copyright protection (the right to private copy is relevant here) must be taken into account.

humblebundle - Interesting about this distribution platform are the occasionally available promotions where several games are offered at the same time. To a certain extent, the buyer can determine the price as well as the use (especially the share for donations to charitable institutions).

Trade journals and professional societies

Computers & Education - professional journal (partly Open Access), which deals with the potential of digital technology for educational processes

gamestudies - Open Access journal on numerous aspects of computer games.

Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) - Professional association on digital games, which organises conferences and publishes the open access journal Todigra.

More pages

r/truegaming - English language discussion forum on numerous aspects of gaming at a comparatively high level of content.

gamefaqs - English-language website with help, discussions and tutorials on a large number of games.

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