Game overview

The following table lists games for which more comprehensive reviews and materials are available (details by clicking on the game title). The columns 'Learning Effects' and 'Material' are particularly interesting if games are to be used for teaching and learning purposes.

Discussions on the listed games should take place on the linked pages. At the end of this page, however, you are welcome to add references to other games

Legend for the table

1 - Short game description including learning effects
2 - More detailed analysis
3 - More comprehensive game description/instruction
4 - Learning material/worksheets

Use - refers to the relationship between time requirements and learning effects
1 - suitable for teaching purposes
2 - conditionally suitable for teaching, more for study groups or similar
3 - hardly suitable for teaching, primarily as a normal leisure game with learning effects as a welcome side effect

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Air Tycoon

In Air Tycoon (Online), the player manages an airline. The core of Air Tycoon is to operate flight connections between cities as profitably as possible, taking numerous aspects into account and optimizing them.

1 1-2-3

Medieval structure and survival situation with comparatively easy access.

2 1
Capitalism Lab

Complex, very multi-layered and comparatively realistic business simulation game with a very high learning potential with a focus on building and managing a business conglomerate.

1 1-2-3
Democracy 3

Economic/political simulation game in which a country is to be led with a focus on the management of complex cause-effect relationships.

1 1-2-3-4
Elite Dangerous

A complex space game that combines different components such as economic simulation, flying, exploration and combat.

3 1
Farm Manager 2018

A game to manage a farm or an agricultural business with many degrees of freedom.

2 1-2-3
Game Dev Tycoon

Simple and entertaining simulation of a company that makes and markets computer games.

2 1
Gear City

Gear City is a complex and unusually realistic simulation game in which an automobile company is led.

1 1-2(3,4)

Sandbox role-playing game with a high degree of realism and numerous degrees of freedom.

2 1-2-3
Offworld Trading Company

Real-time strategy game in which competitors are 'fought' by means of market processes (supply and demand of goods).

2 1-2
Project Highrise

Quite simple simulation in which the player builds a skyscraper and operates it as profitably as possible.

2 1
Software Inc.

Software Inc. is a complex, multi-layered business simulation game in which a software company is founded and managed.

2 1-2-3-4
This Grand Life

A life simulation game in which the needs of the character are to be satisfied as well as possible.

2 1-2-3-4
Victoria 2 

A grand strategy game where decisions have to be made in the areas of production, trade, finance, research, politics, population development, diplomacy and military.

3 1-2-3

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