Project Highrise

Short game description

Project Highrise is about the construction and operation of a high-rise building. The first step is to build one floor and define the space for tenant types or types of use - private apartments, offices, restaurants and shops. In general, the premises must be equipped with electricity, water or telephone connections, for which the technical infrastructure (e.g. telephone systems) must also be provided.

In addition, the different types of users have specific needs which must be satisfied as far as possible. For example, tenants of office space prefer quiet and appreciate services such as photocopying rooms or computer services. The more and better additional services the high-rise building offers its tenants, the more attractive it becomes, which has an impact on demand and achievable rents. At the same time, the one-off and running costs of such offers must be kept in mind.

Project Highrise can be learned with manageable effort. The entertainment unvalue is quite given, however, the later course of the game is repetitive and requires quite a lot of micromanagement, which reduces the long-term motivation.

Project Highrise is available for PC and Mac (regular price at Steam 20€, reduced 5€) as well as for iOS and Android (4,50 €) and makes only low demands on the hardware.

Learning potential

The economic learning potential of the game is primarily in the field of business administration and in the economic thought patterns need, cost-benefit or efficiency and risk:

- Need: The focus of the game is to equip the high-rise building in such a way that the specific needs of the (potential) tenants are satisfied as well as possible, for which numerous measures are available.

- Cost-benefit ratio/efficiency: In the offers to increase the attractiveness of the residential building, their sometimes considerable costs must be taken into account and weighed against the associated benefits, which arise in particular from higher rental income. It is therefore not very helpful to provide as many amenities as possible. Rather, care must be taken to ensure that both the one-off investments and the running costs are at least compensated for by correspondingly higher income.

- Risk: Economic risks arise above all when building growth is accelerated and the financial possibilities are quickly overstretched as a result. There is then the danger that unforeseen events or a negative cash flow can no longer be responded in an appropriate manner and insolvency or the end of gambling is imminent.

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